Under Water


Please note my cost to print and ship each painting to you detailed in the order menu. This does not include any donation you might want to include for my mission.

Since each painting is shipped on a donation basis, you will be re-directed to my Go Fund Me page to complete your check out.

From there, just click “donate” and choose how much you would like to pay for your canvas print of my painting.

When you choose how much you would like to pay for my painting, please consider the printing and shipping costs to get my paintings to you. ?

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  1. Ron Altajal

    Wow I love it. Funny coincidence happened today, twice today turtles came up in conversation with my wife. Then we got home and saw your story on the news. Praying for you.

  2. Jean Baldwin

    I received my painting today. I absolutely LOVE it. I also read the AZ Central article and I hope you are still doing well. I happen to know personally the team that started the LFSA foundation. I have also met several of the young people with the disease at the LFSA Youth Gathering in Boston back in August. If you have not already done so please reach out to them. They are an amazing group that will welcome you with open arms. The Founder , Jenn Perry is also a LFS patient and is in amazingly good health.

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