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1. Help pay for medical bills & natural treatments

Peyton overheard her parents discussing some bills from the hospitals and how they were going to deal with them. She walked over to her father later that day and with her head down, apologized for all the bills they had to deal with. Her parents reassured her that was the last thing she should ever worry about. She had recently visited an art gallery where she saw paintings for sale for $100’s of dollars and an idea popped in her head. She herself being an artist decided she wanted to sell her paintings to help pay for her bills. At first her parents told her that wasn’t necessary but she begged them to let her help. They decided it might be a great way for her to feel Like she can contribute something. She has been painting away and wants to offer paintings for donations!

2. Create a “Fun Fund” for things she wants to do

Peyton’s parents thought she should have an outlet to work on her “bucket list” items and so a portion of all donations will go towards her fun stuff she wants to do And there is plenty of it!

3. Support other kids going through cancer treatment

Peyton thought it would be amazing to help other kids going through what she is and wants to donate a portion of her donations to kids with cancer. She has been coming up with all kinds of ideas that would help kids Get through this tough disease.

contact peyton

If you have questions about Peyton or ideas about how to contribute to her cause feel free to reach out to us.

Peyton accepts letters to the following address:

20403 N Lake Pleasant Rd,
Suite 117-266
Peoria, AZ 85382, US

Get in touch with Peyton’s dad, Jake:

(602) 339-1007